Mindfulness Resources

We have a number of resources available which are free to those who have attended our courses. We will shortly be adding the option to buy individual meditation practices and our mindfulness workbook for any members of the public who are interested. 

Sample Guided Meditation (FREE)

Course Attendee Resources

If you have been to one of our courses you can access a wealth of resources in our password-protected area. 


Useful links to organisations, groups and external resources:

  • The Centre For Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor University. The CMRP runs an internationally respected teacher training programme but also makes many of it's own resources available free of charge. Follow this link to a number of recorded practices made by CMRP teachers.
  • The Mindfulness Association. The Mindfulness Association is a not-for-profit organisation that provides world-class mindfulness training, including teacher training and, in conjunction with the University of Aberdeen, an MSc Studies in Mindfulness programme.
  • Gaia House. Gaia House is a retreat and study centre in Devon. It hosts a number of retreats throughout the year ranging from weekends to whole weeks. Some are Buddhist in orientation but many are secular. You'll find talks and guided practices given by teachers on these retreats by visiting this site.
  • The Mental Health Foundation. An organisation dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues and reducing stigma. You can find them here. It also promotes mindfulness as a basis of good mental health through an associated site called BeMindful. Lots of mindfulness resources, including an online course. It also has a register of approved mindfulness teachers throughout the country.
  • BreathworksBreathworks run a highly respected, well established programme which is particularly helpful for people suffering chronic pain. It also runs its own teacher training programme and has a large network of teachers throughout the UK.
  • Sheffield Insight Meditation Group. Regular weekly sitting group based in Sheffield. Also organises other events throughout thebyear, including day and weekend retreats. The group has links with Gaia House and teachers from there are often invited to lead events.
  • Centre for Mindful Life Enhancement. Based in Sheffield, the CMLE runs a number of courses throughout the year, usually free of charge. The course incorporates elements from positive psychology and the Buddhist tradition of the "four immeasurables". The centre is involved in a number of other mindfulness related activities in the city and recently hosted a national conference.
  • Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World. This is one of the most widely read and admired self-directed mindfulness programmes around. Created by Mark Williams and Danny Penman, it is based on the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for depression programme developed by Mark Williams and his colleagues at Oxford University. The website has a number of free, good quality resources to download and also make an interesting read.
  • Present Moment Mindfulness. Although this is American, many of the guests on this excellent and informative podcast come from all over the world, including the UK. Explores many aspects of the modern mindfulness movement, often from a critical perspective.
  • Insight Timer. Our very favourite free meditation app. You can use it simply to time your meditation, using bell sounds of your choice, or you can follow one of the hundreds of guided practices available. The app hosts a number of groups and has a social media function too if you want that sort of thing.
  • The Mindfulness Initiative. The Mindfulness Initiative is a national policy and research group. The director, Jamie Bristow, is based in Sheffield. The group promotes and supports professional networks in areas such as criminal justice, the workplace, education, cancer care and addictions as well as developing national policy. It has published a number of important documents including the Mindful Nation UK report. All are available online.
  • The Mindfulness in Schools Project. The MiSP is a national organisation dedicated to bringing mindfulness into schools. To this end it has developed two programmes, "Paws b" for primary school aged children and ".b" for use with teenagers. They offer numerous opportunities for teachers and others involved in the education of children, to train in delivering these programmes. Training is available in Leeds and Manchester as well as further afield and via online training at home.